Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Darfur and Eritrea meetings are merely to appease a lobby of Western Carpettbaggers who would like to squeeze the cane another time for new drops of juice out of Africa ,an Africa which is already burning due to weakness of Bureacrats and Poverty of Regimes! Hostages or Attacks and International Moderation these are all tricks and waste of time .

Did you get Maryam Abacha's message offering to share Millions of Dollars? Nigerean's are themselves no 1 in detraction of reality as some real issues regarding Banking by Western Carpettbaggers[Overseas Companies and Credit Union Banks] which have created a failure of Economies on Western Leaders table and bribed International Organisations as The Bureactrats enlisted NGOs in early 80s keeping them well under thier thumbs and helped on the Military Regimes.

Pakistan by virtue of recent Earthquake[10.52]is serving a lesson in its history from the absolute way wardness of such issues as selling war to brothern nations. It is not a bloody joke! One night before Killing and Civil War began the Sudanese Foriegn Minister mer President Musharraf of Pakistan who naturally could not show any mercy although being a stockist of US Weapons in The Region with 75% of his country being under United States Air Forces leg.

I strongly believe that issues must be looked at from new practicality as thier is no rythmetic or arithmetic success the Western Alliance States regarding a cooperative development success and Western Leaders are carelessly laughing as they watch Africa being withered after its new freedom. In the modren 59 years of this worlds latest history of economics mankind has aquired a large reservior of wealth with cooperation both country to country and continent to continent . Unluckily the joke 'if you read the old regimes book you are not reading the Modren Development Economics workability process keeping /holding that the Great Glamourous Electronic media must carry on and all confidence must show to State and Continental Exchequeres as Large Funds are distributed against Super Macro Infrastructures . Liberean Former President John Taylor's Finance Chief and myself we discussed a Economic development Fund which enable Fisheries in Submerged Tanks in Rivers along Nile[Africa] Congo[Africa]Amazon [South America]Ganges [India] the All year water supply and speed of growth in tank fish has improved so much the project evolves with the End of World Food Shortage on my table .Today Poultry Farming is an Industry and an Industry can manipulate Prices and Production so how we get Meat Shortage ? but Europe is not really the Agro Economist as Local Bureacratic sons of Military Regimes have stepped up with Carpet Baggers [Overseas Banking ,Credit Unions and Harvard /Oxford Students anbd IPs] who knowingly fell in Clash of Civilisations that ended with Collapse of US Sponsered World Economy read: www.geocities.com/greatglobalist/SHAHZADASHERSADDOZAI.txt